Hey there!


Photo Credits: Cayla Ray Photography

Hi, I’m Laley! I’m a twenty-something, strong woman with big dreams and a love for all things creative.

I’m absolutely obsessed with animals, I love hanging out at home in my PJs, and I’m more OCD than I’d like to admit (my fiance can testify to this).

I love being outside when it’s raining, I burp more than is socially acceptable, and buying craft supplies is my guilty pleasure.

I like the idea of reading more than I actually like reading, I talk to my cats like they are human children, and I’m weirdly in love with my fiance’s birthmark because it’s shaped like a heart.

Being creative fills me up, baggy t-shirts are my jam, and I typically stay up way later than I should.

I can’t wait to learn about what makes YOU unique!

Love, Laley


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